Ekphrasis 7/30 #npm23

Today I’m playing along with Laura Purdie Salas’s National Poetry Month Project. Each day, she picks a different card from a board game to guide her topic and writes a poem from an array of magnetic poetry words. Visit Laura’s blog to see the topic and words I worked from.

I’m a collector of quirky deer art, especially the kind you find at the thrift store for ten bucks. Literally, in this case. My family thought I was joking when I rushed to grab this fabric print that was leaning, overlooked, against a back wall at Good Will. Is it art? That’s one of our longstanding family debates. But now that it’s the subject of an ekphrastic poem, I think its artistic status is finally secure.


fear is her treasure
electric alarm &
she is up, around, across
she surges, dances, soars
her fear the music she lives by


For my National Poetry Project, I’m playing along with the poetry calendar created by Margaret and Molly.






6 responses to “Ekphrasis 7/30 #npm23”

  1. Irene Latham (@Irene_Latham) Avatar

    A collector of quirky deer art! I love that. And to think of fear as deer’s treasure…I love that, too! Thank you.

  2. Trish Avatar

    How do I love this? Let me say the ways: “Deer/fear” approximate rhyme, “alarm (Laura’s word but used here beautifully)/around” something about that sound—maybe the “rrr”?; and the juxtaposition of “music” with “fear” (the word seems brand new in the last line even though it came in with the first). Also, the photo above, what a beauty. This makes my Friday morning happy!

  3. margaretsmn Avatar

    I am thinking about the sermon I heard today, Good Friday, and here you write “fear is her treasure,” which connects a few dots for me. Faith does not take away fear; it makes it a treasure we can protect.

  4. maryleehahn Avatar

    Interesting to think about — the necessity of fear for survival. Surely for the deer, but also for humans? Are we getting fearful enough to save our planet?

  5. lindabaie Avatar

    I haven’t lately but do look at the art when I’m at Goodwill. One never know what would be found, like your lovely picture! I love that first line, nature’s need, “fear is her treasure”.

  6. Patricia J. Franz: Choose JOY 💕 (@patriciajfranz1) Avatar

    Deer faces are so full of possibility! You could write poems for every piece of deer art and probably never say/see the same thing! I especially love that first image.

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