Cinquain 13/30 #npm23

This poem took a turn. It began with the intention to play along with Laura Purdie Salas’s Digging for Poetry Project. And then it decided to become a cinquain and play with a quotation from Clint Smith that LeighAnne shared a few days ago. You never know where a poem might lead.

skeleton moon
lone wolf watches, listens
silent poet, attentive to
his world

Photo by Pixabay on


For my National Poetry Project, I’m playing along with the poetry calendar created by Margaret and Molly.






2 responses to “Cinquain 13/30 #npm23”

  1. Laura Purdie Salas Avatar

    Wow, this is a stunning poem, Elisabeth. And I’d say that even if my post had nothing to do with any step along the way in its creation :>) The skeleton moon, the silent poet–this is like a movie scene 13 words!

  2. natashadomina Avatar

    I love the idea of the wolf being a “silent poet”. What a gorgeous application of Clint Smith’s quote.

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