Free Verse 14/30 #npm30

This poem originated from a #Verselove prompt at Ethical ELA to explore a poet born in your birth month and write a poem inspired by one of their poems. I began with a poet with shares my actual birthday, but I didn’t feel inspired by their work, so I shifted to another poet born in July: Pablo Neruda. I borrowed my title and concept from a line in his Ode to a Cat.

the cat only wants to be a cat

is a
what it
full bowl
still lap
stray sunbeam


For my National Poetry Project, I’m playing along with the poetry calendar created by Margaret and Molly.






6 responses to “Free Verse 14/30 #npm30”

  1. cvarsalona Avatar

    Elisabeth, it is great to see you on Poetry Friday. I enjoyed your free verse poem created with alliteration.

  2. natashadomina Avatar

    This is so beautiful. I love that idea of the cat wanting what it has.

  3. Patricia J. Franz: Choose JOY 💕 (@patriciajfranz1) Avatar

    Much to learn from a cat who wants what it has!
    (and that is a lot of cats on the bed!)

  4. Cathy M. Avatar
    Cathy M.

    The complicated simplicity of being a cat. (And if all of those cats are yours, I want to know your secrets for having them all get along.)

  5. Jone Avatar

    So glad you are sharing. I love theindependence of cats and stray sunbeams.

  6. Ramona Avatar

    Came in search of a cat poem! I was rewarded.

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