Nonet 17/30 #npm23

It has been a strange spring in Detroit. Delayed bloom due to extended cold weather, and then suddenly a string of 80-degree days that turned the city into an explosion of spring color overnight, beautiful but short-lived in the heat. This week will be cooler and hopefully prolong the bloom. This poem was inspired by my morning walk yesterday and a prompt at Ethical ELA to imagine what you might miss if you skip an activity.

What You Missed Today in the Neighborhood

Japanese magnolias in bloom
spray of golden forsythia
violets purpling green grass
cumulus cloud cherries
tulip petals stretch,
their centers a
bright surprise
bird song


For my National Poetry Project, I’m playing along with the poetry calendar created by Margaret and Molly.






3 responses to “Nonet 17/30 #npm23”

  1. margaretsmn Avatar

    Wow! That is an amazing tree! Our Japanese Magnolias now bloom in January due to climate change.

  2. natashadomina Avatar

    This is so beautiful! I especially love the “cumulus cloud cherries” and how you narrow the lines down to “spring”.

  3. karpenglish Avatar

    Writing what you missed or might have missed is an intriguing idea. I missed school today (Miles sick again – sigh), so I might write one about that, unless I start feeling way too cynical about my students. I am impressed by your cherry tree picture and how much spring you have. It ought to be spring first in a non-snowy place like Oregon vs. your Detroit, but no. The daffodils are blooming and the cherries are starting, but the tulips, forsythia, magnolia, etc. are waiting for it to stop being “February” this April. Our winter camellia is having a grand time, since it was too cold for it to bloom in December and January like normal. 😀

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