This Photo Wants to Be a Wordy 30 19/30 #npm23

I discovered the Wordy 30 form, a spin on the game Wordle, from an Inkling challenge shared by Margaret. Trying to write a poem in just six words is challenging enough, but each word can only contain five letters. I found this poem in a photo I took a couple of weeks ago. Signs of spring were all around, but here was this lone fall leaf in the middle of the sidewalk.



(Note: I don’t know what kind of leaf this is, but maple has five letters!) This Photo Wants to Be a Poem is a weekly feature at Reflections on the Teche. For my National Poetry Project, I’m playing along with the poetry calendar created by Margaret and Molly.






3 responses to “This Photo Wants to Be a Wordy 30 19/30 #npm23”

  1. Trish Avatar

    Boundaries inspire, don’t they? The creative mind will have its way. I love the poem, “brown…bound.”

  2. Susan Kennedy Avatar

    It is a maple leaf. Sugar maple.

  3. natashadomina Avatar

    You have risen so well to this challenge! I love the play of words within the simplicity of the form–the contrast between green and brown, the almost rhyme and alliteration of brown and bound. Such a delight!

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