Palinode 30/30 #npm23

For today’s poem, the last of the month, I decided to play along with NaPoWriMo’s challenge to write a palinode, which I’d never heard of before. A palinode is a poem that essentially “retracts” a position you’ve held in a previous poem. The draft of this was much longer, but I found that I didn’t need most of what I’d written to capture the idea.

I don’t think I will write a poem today
It’s raining, and I’ve opened the window to listen

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One response to “Palinode 30/30 #npm23”

  1. karpenglish Avatar

    This is a lovely way to end the month! I was not able to stick to my wish to write a poem a day this month (the poetry muses are keeping well away from me at the moment, apparently), but I have enjoyed dipping in and out of everyone’s poetry blog posts, and reading and learning about so many new-to-me forms. Hang in there to the end of the school year and snuggle those kitties on the rainy spring days! 😀

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