I teach high school ELA in Detroit.


4 responses to “About”

  1. rdneug Avatar

    Superb writing! My favorite…Gone Digital

  2. […] out to my comp teacher for not being one of these awful teachers that make me cry. She writes an awesome blog here if any […]

  3. […] I stepped into my Special Methods class with Dr. Ellington. (Her blog: https://thedirigibleplum.wordpress.com/about/). Along the counter sprawled nearly fifty large books. All of them were professional development […]

  4. thegossamergrove Avatar

    Received you message via e-mail. Having logon problems with Twitter. Find myself in a similar position, where the persistent negativity and rapidity of information affects my thinking. Letter writing sounds excellent. BTW, was able to Zoom-participate today in “A Mighty Room Study Session” in Emily Dickinson’s bedroom. Wonderful experience. Happy Holidays.

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