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  • Tricube 4/30 #npm23 #sol23

    Tricube 4/30 #npm23 #sol23

    Neigborhood Walk Raindrops fallMud puddleBoy Splashes Neighbors passWalking dogsHappy tails Crocus bloomsSign of springNot long now *************** Ramona introduced me to the tricube form in her poem, Springtime Dance, written to mark her 1,333rd blog post. I don’t have anything neat to celebrate with my tricube (beyond finally a spring sighting!), but it’s a neat…

  • 8 Observations About Slicing From Year 8 31/31 #sol23

    8 Observations About Slicing From Year 8 31/31 #sol23

    1. It’s always better to slice with special companions. Most mornings found me trying to find room for my laptop among several snoring lap cats, and I always had the tuxedo crew snoozing above me. 2. Most days I felt fairly uninspired when I sat down to write. Ho-hum was my main feeling about writing…

  • 10 Things I’m Trying to Get To 30/31 #sol23

    10 Things I’m Trying to Get To 30/31 #sol23

    Here’s one of the many things about ADHD: I set goals and make plans for myself, and then promptly forget all about them. It can be maddening to struggle so much with following through on intentions, so I’ve learned to be gentle. It’s fun to make the plans and set the goals and intend the…

  • On This Day 29/31 #sol23

    On This Day 29/31 #sol23

    On this day last year, I wrote a letter to my writer’s block. Two years ago, I researched the books that were published in the year I was born. Three years ago, we had all just shifted to Zoom teaching, Zoom meeting, Zoom living, and I shared where I and my cat co-workers zoomed from.…

  • Bookshelf/Bookself 28/31 #sol23

    Bookshelf/Bookself 28/31 #sol23

    On two recent episodes of Reading Glasses, Mallory and Brea talked about the books that would be on a shelf to encapsulate who they are as readers right now–books that best exemplify their current interests, tastes, wheelhouses. Their book selves. Those very Mallory and Brea books. It’s not exactly a shelf of favorite books, though…

  • Today I Stop at Three 27/31 #sol23

    Today I Stop at Three 27/31 #sol23

    At least temporarily. I need to write my own slice, and I’ve had an idea in mind since I read Ramona’s Will I Be Able to Stop at Three? My answer to Ramona’s question has always been no. I can’t stop at just three comments! Not when there are nearly 200 slices to read each…

  • Comments 26/31 #sol23

    Comments 26/31 #sol23

    When I’m out and about on the Internet reading slices, I always read the comments others have left before I write my own, even though reading the comments first absolutely influences the comments that I write. Sometimes I’m not sure what to write (I’m a slow processor, but who has time to linger for too…

  • What Are You Doing This Weekend? 25/31 #sol23

    What Are You Doing This Weekend? 25/31 #sol23

    Co-workers who don’t know better ask me this question every week, and my answer is always the same: “As little as possible.” And I mean it. I take my weekend rest very seriously. I need serious introverting time on the weekends to make up for all the professional extroverting I do during the week. I…

  • Four Corners 24/31 #sol23

    Four Corners 24/31 #sol23

    There are no corners without books. That’s the first thing you notice. Teaching books in the corner with my desk, which is just a table because I don’t need drawers that will only get messy. New arrivals on a shelf by the door. Sports in the back corner. And appealing stacks on the large vents…

  • Cat Haiku 23/31 #sol23

    Cat Haiku 23/31 #sol23

    how to start my day when a cat chooses morning to sleep on my chest?