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  • Go The Extra Mile: Advice from a Teacher Intern

    Go The Extra Mile: Advice from a Teacher Intern

    This post is part of a series on #summerPD for pre-service teachers. Maggie Darnell recently completed her student teaching internship and will be teaching seventh-grade English (plus an awesome-sounding enrichment course in Zombie Survival!) in the fall. In this interview, Maggie reflects on her experience and shares some advice for cooperating teachers and pre-service teachers.…

  • Celebration: Learning and Unlearning #celebratelu 5/9/15

    Celebration: Learning and Unlearning #celebratelu 5/9/15

    It has been a long time since I celebrated. I connected so strongly with what Tara wrote last week in her post returning to celebration after a time away. Blogging had been feeling like a chore to me. Weekends had been especially hard, and I knew something had to give. It seemed like an easy…