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  • In Praise of Prose #NaPoWriMo18 #NPM18

    In Praise of Prose #NaPoWriMo18 #NPM18

      Its quotidian concerns. Its hereness. The coffee mug sits on the table. It is only a coffee mug. The sugary dregs at the bottom of the cup aren’t a metaphor. I am going to drink them. Its plain clothes. Its modesty. Prose is the quiet workhorse. Always the first to raise its hand, the…

  • A New Writing Challenge: A Daily Poem

    A New Writing Challenge: A Daily Poem

    I’ve decided to tackle a new writing challenge in April: NaPoWriMo. April is National Poetry Month, which means it’s also National Poetry Writing Month. I don’t write poems. Ever. Except I wrote several for the March Slice Challenge. I couldn’t quite bring myself to call them poems. They were “kind of sort of poems.” They…

  • Reflections on #nerdlution

    Reflections on #nerdlution

    If you have no idea what #nerdlution is, check out Christopher Lehman’s FAQs and Katherine’s explanation. My #nerdlution is to read more poetry. For 50 days, I’ve committed to reading at least one poem a day. It turns out that I was right in my theory about poetry being like potato chips: it really is hard…